I am Dr. Dolcelyn, mom, psychologist, turned author and blogger

Hi there, I'm so glad you found me.


Yes, I had to find myself first so you can find me.


It's been quite a journey. Let's walk together.


I have struggled with depression since my late teens. It was rough. I held on to my life with the help of my therapist on a very slim, very tiny and invisible string of hope. My therapist reminded me to breathe in our sessions. Yes, breathing is important. I was so depressed and anxious that I would hold my breath for long periods of times.


But lo, and behold, I didn't die.


Life finds a way.


I had my private practice from 2005 to 2015 and now I'm focusing on my writing.




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 Oh, by the way, you cannot read my blogs instead of getting professional help. As a therapist and someone who has needed her therapist, I know there is NO substitute for professional help.

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My Story

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